Guilin - Yangshuo - Zhuhai - Macao - Guangzhou
7 Days/6 Nights

D1 : Your Airport - Chengdu – Jiuzhaigou (Huanglong) (Dinner)
Arrive at Chengdu and transfer the flight to Jiuzhaigou. We'll visit the Huang Long Gou scenic area located in Son Pan. It's separated from Jiuzhaigou just by a snow mountain, but we need to turn around to go through the highway (100 kilometers) to get there. The marvelous view there is a ditch at the bottom of the rock--radiant and smooth. The rocks fall, get turned and twisted by the wind around as if a yellow dragon were hovering around. The unique landscape of Huang Long causes the United States representative to call it "the unique world of Huang Long ".

D2 : Huang Long - Jiuzaigou (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
After breakfast, we'll take a bus to Jiuzaigou and visit the Jiuzhaigou fantasyland, which is located in the northwest of Sichuan Arba, the Qiang clan and Tibet autonomy state, inshore the Jiuzhaigou County. Its elevation is 2000-4300 meters. Jiuzhaigou boasts of its lakes and waterfalls in the high mountain. In overall, it arouses one's romantic feeling due to its natural beauties and everlasting views of the four seasons and people call it "the human fairyland", "fantasyland". In 1998, the UNESCO declared it "the world's natural & cultural heritage".

D3 : Jiuzhaigou – Chengdu - Zhang Jia Jie (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
After breakfast, we'll take an airplane back to Chengdu to transfer to Zhang Jia Jie. After arriving at the DaYong airport, you can take a distant look of "the 99 stunts fly in the sky" before going to the hotel to take a rest.

D4 : Zhang Jia Jie (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
After breakfast, we'll visit the Tianzi Mountain (the Emperor's viewing area). We'll use the elevator to ascend the mountain. The area is airy with clouds and mists; its features are wild and strange. We'll ascend the Yuanjiajie, visit the Helong Park, the Yubifeng Peak, the first bridge in the world, etc., then take the cable car down the mountain. In the afternoon, we'll visit the Ten Li Gallery by a dynamoelectric small train. Along the way we'll see an abundant natural view as long as ten valleys; people will look small such as in a painting while the top hill's rocks will look like the shape of 200 persons and a monster.

D5 : Zhang Jia Jie (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
After breakfast, we'll visit the forest park of Zhang Jia Jie, stroll by the Golden Whip River where you can see strange peaks and cliffs. The river valley contains lush greeneries, the river water is pure and is called "the landscape art gallery", "the human life fairyland" all the year round. It's like in the great Yue's poem: "pure clear stream water, green mountain; the mountain, such as a painting, holds a person like a fairy; if the fairy walks in the painting, in one step she will hop to the sky". After lunch, we'll take a boat trip on the Bao Feng Lake. The scenic area gathers some landscapes as a whole; the Bao Feng Lake melts with the Baizhangxia Waterfall and form an astounding picture of nature. Then we'll visit the Junsheng Sandstone Painting House.

D6 : Zhang Jia Jie – Guangzhou (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
After breakfast, we'll visit "the world's best hole", the Huang Long Cave. The cave has been explored up to its bottom--its total area is 100,000 m2, its perpendicular height is 140 m. Inside the cave there are two rivers, three ponds, four waterfalls, 13 halls, and 98 galleries. There is maze inside the cave which rings the river. There is a hole inside a bigger hole; the upstairs contains various spectacular formations which are rich in beauty. It's also got various clock milk stones of strange shapes which are extremely rare in China and abroad. This cave always attracts schools of domestic and foreign tourists alike; that's why they call it "the unbeatable champion cave". In the afternoon, we'll take an airplane to Guangzhou.

D7 : Guangzhou – Your Airport (Breakfast)
After breakfast, you're free to do some shopping on Beijing Road. Afterward, we'll take you to the airport where you can fly back to your country.